Not the reproduction of reality, rather the creation of a new world - that is the goal of art.

Primarily the functionality of all elements, their aesthetic harmony and their best possible compatibility are characteristic for the modern design of interior design. The curtain rod fulfils an important function for interior decoration and can enhance it significantly whereby a multitude of aspects is to be considered. Particularly the form, colour, length and material of the curtain rod are to be considered when selecting the suitable model.

We would like to present to you a universal collection of decorative curtain rods from a mix of styles which can be integrated naturally and harmonically in any interior design concept. Our collection was designed by young European designers who work with certain materials in their respective fields.

The styles that predominate in modern design differentiate strongly from one another. When putting together our collection, we have attempted to combine multiple stylistic movements – the glistening brightness of crystals, classy, warm wood and austere steel to newly define the eternal values.

We based the selection of the materials on timeless naturalness.